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Podcast: Edit your story- #26

cognitive health podcast Sep 04, 2017

John wrote, “Beloved, I pray you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers" (3 John 2). He prays for prosperity… in all things… and in health. 

Notice, he wants us to abound in health and in "all things." Yet, it seems that THE SOUL IS THE MEASURE of how much we can carry- in the prosperity of “all things" and in our total health & wellness (which is far more than just physical, though physical health must be included here).

What’s the soul? The soul is the mind… and your emotions… 

Here’s the deal: we often “spiritualize” or “futurize” the blessings of God, believing they only matter in the after-life.  When we do this, we reduce the stories of Scripture to allegory, effectively punting the promises of God to a time and  place where we don’t  experience the full benefits of them.  John assumed we could experience these blessings now. 

What holds us back? Let’s take a look at this thing called the "soul."

You see, the "story we tell ourselves" in often the one that comes true. So what if the story isn't the one you want? Can you change it mid-stream?

Absolutely! In this podcast we’ll pick up where we left off in the previous episode- with the renewed mind… 

I'll give you some tips + easy takeaways that have worked for thousands of others, guaranteed to work for you. And, it will all be backed by science + Scripture + centuries of history...


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