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Podcast: Clarity- #25

cognitive health podcast Aug 28, 2017

 After taking a brief hiatus to discuss The Ladder & the men’s Advance material, we’re back to the Redemption series…

Remember, we’re redeemed (read: set free) by the blood of Jesus.

And, every place Jesus bled… well… He redeemed (set free) another facet of who we are or who we’re destined to become. 

With this episode we begin discussing the actual places He bled AND the freedoms He’s won for us. 

The first place He bled = the Garden of Gethsemane.

Symbolically, this is the SAME PLACE Adam gave up one of our most cherished freedoms, the freedom of the will. Since that time in which he intentionally defied God’s command, humanity’s ability to “choose to do right” has been tainted, marred, scarred.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you- children are from Heaven, but they can act like hell. Tell them what to do, and they’ll figure out everything else- anything else-  that can possibly do besides that. And, though our rebellion starts small when we’re young, it gets bigger and badder as we grow up. 

The great news is this: by laying down His will in the Garden, Jesus picked ours back up and restored it to us…


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