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Podcast: Why- OR- The fuel on your fire (The Ladder series #4)- #22

advance podcast the ladder Aug 07, 2017

Everyone seems to ask it these days- it's a "buzz word" that few of us really unpack. In this session we unpack the "why," putting it in the context of everything you do...

PEOPLE that know WHAT they want to do get further than people who don't have a clue!

And people that understand HOW to do that thing... well... they go higher, still...

Yet those who go the farthest, the fastest... and endure... they have a grasp of what's driving them. They're in touch with their WHY. 

In this lesson, you'll uncover the thing that drives you! You might even know what it is. Or, perhaps it's eluded you... 

Either way, you won’t just know what your dream is (or what your dreams are- remember, you probably have dreams & goals for multiple areas of your life), you’ll actually feel those dreams.

Think about it...

The heart. Most of us don't get in touch with our feelings that often, do we? 

I remember sitting through some counseling sessions in the last year (yeah, been there, done that, highly recommend it). The counselor constantly handed me a chart- a sheet with a list of dozens of "feelings" listed on it. 

"How do you feel today?"

I'd look at the chart. It was helpful. Really. Sometimes a feeling is just a sense... an intangible. Putting a word to it helped.

During those sessions I became increasingly aware that, often, I don't know what I'm feeling! Yet, our feelings were given to us by God. And, when channeled in a healthy way, they can been incredibly beneficial!

If you get in touch with your feelings, you can actually "see" what's driving you. Here's the truth: Business is hard work. So are relationships. And marriages. And most things worth pursuing well. In every thing you do there are ups and downs. And having our feelings nailed down for each- the core- empowers us to embrace the right things more fully while letting go of the wrong things more freely!

This is the lesson where we pull out the ladder and start climbing. And, of course, once it's out, it stays on stage for the remainder of the workshop. 

We’ll keep adding labels and concepts to that ladder for each of the remaining sessions. This tool will become your go-to when talking to friends, your business partners, and others! And, it will help you clarify what you’re doing, deciphering if it aligns with your deepest aspirations, and help you continue making forward progress. 

But, first of all, we've got to get in touch with the heart- and uncover the thing that drives you. 


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