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Podcast: How- OR- Make time for the things that matter the most (The Ladder series #3)- #21

advance podcast priorities the ladder Jul 31, 2017

We’re all busy. It’s almost a #HumbleBrag in our culture to actually BE busy. I mean, no one actually LIKES being so busy that they can’t keep up with what’s going on, but we carry our jam-packed calendars around like badges of honor. 

That can be a HUGE problem with it comes to pursuing your dreams. 

You see, dreams require time. Concentrated, high-octane time. Some of your “best” time. And your energy. And your focus. 

At the Advance, we actually use juggling as an example to illustrate this. It never fails. Whenever we call someone onstage and let them start juggling, whenever they juggle beyond their capacity, they don’t just lose the last ball that was added… they drop them all. 

You can make the correlation. Less is better. Less is actually “more.”

“More” just… well… it causes the entire thing to fall apart. It creates anxiety, it causes your skill level to actually diminish, and it’s a lot more difficult to live at that level of movement than a SLOWER pace at which you can actually achieve MORE.

You see, if we juggle too much, we end up not doing anything well. That means, well, we get frustrated in multiple areas of life. 

Once we understand the reality of tradeoffs, though, and realize that we actually MUST choose which balls to juggle… and that we GET to choose (meaning that we actually pick some up and set the others DOWN)… well, things start humming. 

Even better, we learn that we can achieve for more with even less effort than we thought due to the nature of FOCUSED efforts done consistently well… 


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