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Podcast: Within Reach (The Ladder series #1)- #19

advance perspective podcast the ladder Jul 17, 2017

 One of my favorite events of the year is coming up… Advance arrives every 5-7 months, depending on the time of year, and is designed to empower men to move from where they are to where they’re destined to be. It’s not a retreat… it’s an Advance. 

In this episode I’ll tell you a bit about what we do and how… 

And introduce you to the concept of The Ladder, tell you the stories of how this thing (“accidentally”) came to be, and share with you how to go deeper and higher at the same time…

Ah… about The Ladder. Lots of talk about climbing ladders and making sure you go up the right one. This one’s short, though. On purpose. Because we REALLY believe this…

  • Your dreams are HUGE (inspired by God Himself and placed inside of you, waiting to burst forth).
  • Your dreams are within reach…

Join us on the journey…


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