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Podcast: Advance from where you are to where you’re designed to be (Carol Peters found my book in a thrift store)

coaches series podcast Sep 08, 2021

I met Carol Peters through a strange set of circumstances…

One day I received a message via Calendly, a Zoom request for a meeting. It was from Carol.

Carol is from Kenya. Turns out, he found my book (from an Advance event) in a thrift store in my hometown of Centerpoint, Alabama— outside of Birmingham.

“I followed the link listed in the front of the book,” he said, “and it took me to the Advance website. There, I saw the videos were free— entire workshops… free.”

He reached out to his friend Philip, who still lives in Kenya.

Philip registered for the free course and watched the entire workshop overnight.

“Finish it,” he told Carol. “It’s really good. Finish it.”

They did— and that’s when they reached out…


Here’s what’s interesting…

A few years ago I stopped leading the Advance events, an event I co-founded, for which I produced the content.

Then Covid came, and the events postponed indefinitely…

I began transferring all of the info from the workbook we used at the events into a book form (see for more).

But, I hadn’t marketed it yet. In fact, I’m still editing it as of the recording of this podcast.

I wondered, though, What of the old material?


When Carol reached out, it showed me that it still had a life of its own…

God talks about repaying the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25).

And Acts 3:21 talks about the restoration of all things.

He makes— He promises— all things beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).


Listen in… and see how our Father connects people, restores hope, and launches us towards our purpose.



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