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Podcast: Embrace who you are because of whose you are (fitness talk w/ Carol Bevil)

coaches series podcast Jul 28, 2021

Beth found Carol via social media. And then learned she lives just a few miles away.

Carol has an interesting story…

A few years ago she began writing a book about diet + fitness. (She’s worked in gyms and— even when we recorded this talk— arrived in cycling shorts, having just come from leading a spin session at the gym down the street.)

Then she had a double mastectomy. She was “grounded” for a while.

Her college-aged daughter saw her journal entires / prayers one day and began counting them…

“Mom, there are 21 of them here…”

She continued, “And they all connect. You need to make this a book, something others can use to walk in their true identity.”



Carol is a trainer and nutritionist. Part of her mission is to “demolish the diet culture strongholds of fear, false guilt, and shame so that you experience the fruit of the Spirit in your relationship with food and body image” (see

Yet, she’s more than a trainer. She also writes, “As daughters of the King: we believe God’s grace and the gift of His Holy Spirit empower us to authentically transform. Only through ignited faith in Christ can our minds be renewed and our hearts change. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, His image bearers, and when we seek the Kingdom first we trade in the ashes of willpower for the richness of His power in us.”

In other words, faith and fitness aren’t two separate ideas. They flow together…



Carol agreed.

She was editing the diet + nutrition book but set it to the side to release the prayer book…

You are His was released, as a prayer + journal tool (for women) to walk in their true identity…

Then, months later Healthy Breakthrough, the first book, was released. That book empowers women to defeat the strongholds in their life— the unhealthy relationship they have with food.

You’ll love hearing Carol’s heart on this issue. I found myself totally floored by the depth of her ideas, as well as the simplicity with which she communicates them.

After she shared them, they were completely obvious…

… a mark of a powerful teacher, shared with me by a gracious Daughter of the King.



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