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Podcast: Living in Heaven while walking on earth- #17

perspective podcast spiritual warfare Jul 03, 2017

 The Bible outlines a few contradictory things about us- things that we need to hold in tension.

First, everything that happened to Jesus has already happened to us. We were crucified with Him, we died with Him, and we were buried. We also arose with Him AND we’ve been seated with Him in Heaven. 

That means that, right now, we’re “here” and “there” at the same time. This is our current experience. 

Second, the Kingdom of God is a kingdom- not a democracy. It functions with rank, order, and spheres of authority. I know, authority is a misused and bloated term in our culture… but, under the lead of a benevolent king in which the first is last, the greatest serve the most, and honor and humility win the day, the Kingdom of God is the ideal… 

We actually want to see it THIS Kingdom manifest. 

However, we find ourselves in the middle of a conflict. A spiritual war of sorts. 

But, rather than fighting FOR the victory, we must remember that we live FROM victory. When we live from the 3rd realm (seated in Heaven), we’re free to love… to honor… to grace… and to empower…

We’re not striving… we’re receiving… 

And we’re not “against” things so much as we’re “for” things… 


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