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Podcast: What we learned from a second shot at parenting (Coaches series, w/ Randy Pardue)

coaches series podcast Jun 23, 2021

My friend Randy Pardue is back on the podcast, and here’s why…

… as I decided to talk to a “family coach,” I knew I wanted to host someone who’s successfully navigated a blended family (that’s coming soon), as well as someone who is STILL married— decades later (and happily so)— to the first person with whom they fell in love…

Randy + Tammy have been married 42 years, and still date each other like most engaged couples. They truly adore each other, and would rather be with one another than anyone else in the world.

And then there’s this…


As they were facing the “empty nest” years, Tammy discovered she was pregnant. This gave them the perfect opportunity to simultaneously…

👉 Decide what their “almost grown” kid needed to know before he was launched

👉 Think long-term about what the next kid needed.

The result was the Directional Parenting Blueprint, a framework Randy explains in his book Diapers to Dorms.


Here’s what the framework includes…

👉 0 - 5 = kids need disciple and self-control

👉 6-13 = kids need training— they need to learn basic, everyday skills (i.e., how to do specific tasks)

👉 14- 18 = kids need coaching— they need to make decisions and learn how to course correct, reflect, and make better choices going forward (i.e., skills they’ll need when they’re not with you).


Randy says the best way to “teach” all of this is in everyday life— to recapture moments when you’re already together…

👉 Bed-time (be the last thing they hear at night, and frame their subconscious)

👉 Breakfast (send them into their day, your voice cheering them)

👉 Carpool (capture drive time with intentional questions)

👉 Meal times (do your best on these)

👉 Fire-pit time (after hearing this, you’ll want one)

In other words, be intentional…

And, if you’re schedule doesn’t work perfectly like the one outlined above, do your best with what you have, capturing the moments that matter as you can.


Sometimes, Randy called family meetings.

And, he let them kids call them, too…

To re-orient and move back in alignment together…


Listen in. Wherever you are in the parenting journey, this convo has a bit of 🔥🔥🔥🔥 you can apply immediately and see instant results.

And, he’ll tell you what to do if you find yourself overwhelmed…



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