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Podcast: You were created to create something only you can create (Coaches series, w/ Brandon Lazarre)

coaches series podcast May 05, 2021

Brandon Lazarre is the founder of Your Purpose Coaching, and serves as a life coach with a unique angle towards helping you discover your specific design…

… that design, in turn, launches you into your purpose.


Brandon uses the analogy of an arrow— and says we’ve all been created, like arrows, differently than other arrows.

Some arrows…

🎯 Explode and cause a big “boom,” like Rambo.

🎯 Others are like those with which you hunt deer— they resemble a precise surgical scalpel.

🎯 Still others are more blunt— like practice arrows.

But they’re all needed, each of them (and others) fulfilling a specific purpose.

His tagline is…

⭐️Everyone is created by God to create something that only they can create.⭐️


Brandon outlines 5 characteristics which help you define your purpose— and see what your arrow is like (again, all of them being unique):

✅ Personality

He uses the DISC profile for this assessment, noting that each of us favor two of the following…

👉 D = Dominant / directive… prefer tasks, and work well with groups.

👉 I = Influencing / Inspirational… prefer to help people, and work well in groups.

👉 S = Steady / faithful… prefer to help people and do well alone.

👉 C = Detail oriented… prefer tasks and work well alone.

✅ Passions + Interests + Talents

Brandon likes to set these items “on the table,” too, so we can see the bigger picture and learn more about who we are.

✅ Spiritual gifting

This is what he refers to as the “X-factor,” and is where the supernatural kicks in…

… and it fits well with his tagline…

⭐️ Everyone is created by God to create something that only they can create.⭐️

✅ Struggles

Brandon breaks our struggles into two categories…

👉 Past brokenness shows us pain points the Lord can use from our journey to encourage, equip, and empower others…

👉 Barriers highlight temptations and fault-lines we might face in the present.

It’s important to be aware of both.

✅ The overlap of time + place + people

Finally, the trifecta here acknowledges that many things in life are an issue of sovereign convergence. When we see these things aligning, we can recognize the hand of God moving— especially when the areas above (personality, passions, gifting, struggles) all speak into the same situation…

Bottom line = you’re made for more. You’re designed for extraordinary, so don’t settle for ordinary.



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